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Command Station, Part 6: Big Picture

Finally getting around to posting this! I’ve been distracted with morning sickness (all day… joy) and completing my wedding album after 4 years of procrastination. 🙂 Another part of the reason it took so long is because this has been … Continue reading

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Good Reads

Simple Kids wrote about making small but effective changes to your daily routine. A good read for those of us (like me) who tend to try to overhaul the whole day and end up not succeeding. Gina from Home Joys … Continue reading

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Time to tell my brain to shut up and take a rest already

Sometimes I have a hard time not thinking. Last night I caught myself dreaming about a conversation with an acquaintance about sqaure foot gardening, and in my dream managed to figure out how to do that even though I’ll be … Continue reading

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My personal mission statement

In case you were following the series I was doing on the command station, the last part (Big Picture) is still in the works. Because I know you’re all holding your breath. HAHA! But in the meantime… I’ve finished a … Continue reading

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Command Station, Part 5: Daily Direction

I need to have a little daily direction for both me and the kids to get through my day well. This direction flows directly from our “Big Picture” part of of the command station, which is the last and most … Continue reading

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When my heart breaks

Sometimes, my heart begins to break in two. My throat hurts. My face burns and becomes furrowed. My stomach sinks and my chest and aches so much I think it might cave in. My mind starts just falling away and … Continue reading

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Command Station, Part 4: Meal planning chart

Download the Weekly Meal Chart. Meal planning. Some people love it, some hate it, and other just haven’t found a system that works for them. This is the picture of my meal planning chart. I filled it in a couple of … Continue reading

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