My personal mission statement

In case you were following the series I was doing on the command station, the last part (Big Picture) is still in the works. Because I know you’re all holding your breath. HAHA! But in the meantime…

I’ve finished a decent first pass at my personal mission statement. I wrote about it earlier here. I originally found the inspiration for this from a free e-book on the blog Inspired for Action.

This all has tied in nicely to what I learned during my personal retreat a little while back. Things have been a lot more simple in our household since that retreat, and this exercise (as well as our family vision/mission statement, which we are now working on) will be a useful tool in solidifying the lessons I learned and continuing to apply them in daily life.

So here’s what I have:

To pursue the Lord and follow His ways. To pour into my marriage. To enjoy my children and raise them up in the Lord. To cultivate a home life that is welcoming and peaceful. To cheerfully serve in whatever way God leads me to.

That’s it!

The point of the exercise, for me at least, is to have something against which I can evaluate opportunities, activities, projects, priorities, daily routines, etc. and boil things down to the most important. Things are going really well right now, and I’d like to keep it that way. I’ve had to sacrifice some things I really enjoy for a time, like book studies or playgroups, or even some relationships, for the sake of a calmer daily life for our family. Totally worth it.

Anyway, I added some bullets to each statement that I can put up on my Mommy Board or some other visible location to help me stay focused and make daily decisions. The main statements are in order of importance. The bullet lists aren’t. Neither are they a complete representation of what the main statements mean to me… they are only what seem most relevant to me for current needs.

To pursue the Lord and follow His ways.

  • Daily surrender
  • Growing in knowledge of the Lord
  • Constant reliance on the Spirit

To pour into my marriage.

  • Be a loving, respectful, and encouraging helpmate
  • Be a joyful companion
  • Be a welcoming and safe home for his heart

To enjoy my children and raise them up in the Lord.

  • Teach them to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength
  • Teach them to love others well
  • Do my part to help them toward their God-given purpose in this life
  • To be a safe, fun, and encouraging Mom

To cultivate a home life that is welcoming and peaceful.

  • Create a safe haven of peace, joy, and comfort
  • A place where where Christ is glorified and relationships flourish
  • Practice good stewardship of the time and resources God has given us
  • Diligently work toward an efficient and inviting home

To cheerfully serve in whatever way God leads me to.

  • Cover loved ones in prayer
  • Be faithful and encouraging to the people in my life
  • Nurture authentic relationship with others
  • Meet urgent needs as God places situations on my heart

This has been very helpful for me. It may be for you as well! I would encourage you to go through this exercise for yourself! Use the free e-book I mentioned earlier and pray as you work through it. Share what you come up with if you’d like! I’d love to see how others approach it.


About GirlDuck

I am a wife, mother, and homemaker who loves Jesus. I am married to an amazing man, Aaron, and I have three fantastic kids. I write this blog mostly to share information with others, record things for my own future reference, and pour out just a bit of my heart.
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3 Responses to My personal mission statement

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  2. Great job! I especially like the way your mission statement is simple, but then you really broke it down in to action steps.

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