I’m Not Gonna Shampoo for a Month

Update: So far so good! My hair did get a little more oil the first week, but I have dry hair so it was no biggie. I haven’t seen any quality improvements in my hair that would make me say it works better than shampoo and conditioner, but it at least works as well up to this point. I have a few more weeks to go in the experiment. 🙂


Does that gross you out? For the past few years I’ve heard and read about people who wash their hair using baking soda and apple cider vinegar. It amused me. I even tried it a few times when I had buildup and it helped. My sister, who is a hairsylist, got wide-eyed when I told her about it but kept her silence. 🙂

But, I’ve decided to give it a shot since I just ran out of shampoo and conditioner. Inspired by this post at Simple Mom, I decided to try to use baking soda to wash my hair and apple cider vinegar to condition it for one month and see if my hair really improves. I’m particularly interested in dryness and flyaways. If you read that article, it talks about the benefits of caring for your hair this way and provides tips on how to adjust the recipe if your hair becomes too oily or too dry.

So, we’ll see! It’s a frugal method, but I’m mostly doing it out of curiosity. I got a few empty squirt bottles (the kind for condiments) at Winco and filled one with water and a few tablespoons vinegar and the other with water and a tablespoon and a half of baking soda. Theoretically, my hair will need a week or two to adjust (and so may be oilier than normal) but then I should see some real improvement. I’ll let you know how it goes.


About GirlDuck

I am a wife, mother, and homemaker who loves Jesus. I am married to an amazing man, Aaron, and I have three fantastic kids. I write this blog mostly to share information with others, record things for my own future reference, and pour out just a bit of my heart.
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3 Responses to I’m Not Gonna Shampoo for a Month

  1. Smolko says:

    I might try it on Zebedee first and see what happens! 🙂

  2. Janis says:

    How’s that working so far Tauna…I think I am with your sister on this one. But, hey I’m as frugal as they come. If it works I might try it.

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