Coupons and Stocking Up – Organize your coupons

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So you’ve got some coupons. Now you need to make some order out of them or you’ll drown in a sea of paper. Nobody likes that! đŸ™‚

I’ve tried three ways to do this so far:

Check folder. A good way to start is getting a cheap monthly check file folder or making something like that on your own. Label each section with different grocery categories and file your coupons as you clip them.

Mega folder. Once I started saving a bunch of money and getting into it all, I bought a binder on sale that had zipper pouches and different compartments for sale ads, a calculator, pens, etc. Then I filled it with baseball card collection sheets divided by grocery category. That way I could see the coupons and quickly flip through them. This seems to be the best type of strategy for super-uber-coupon-users that save ridiculous amounts of money.

File inserts and ads. I have very recently simplified and gone to an insert filing system. I found I don’t have the time or inclination to do my own coupon matching and so I rely on a few blogs to do the work for me, then just clip the coupons for deals I choose to take advantage of. I miss some deals, I’m sure, but I’m ok with that. An “insert” is what they call a single coupon booklet in the Sunday paper. I grab my Sunday paper, file the inserts and sale ads by date into folders up to a year back. Each month I toss the oldest set and use that folder for the new month. It’s super easy.

Look up other ideas for coupon organization. Find what works for you! It makes a big difference on whether you’ll stick with your coupon savings strategy.

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