Coupons and Stocking Up – Plan your strategy

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Plan your strategy. People have different strategies for using coupons. I’ve come to a strategy that works for me, takes the least amount of time and effort, and produces the most savings. Basically, I mooch off of other people’s hard work.

Every day I read a few blogs of people who have already done all the price checking and coupon matching work for me. Within a few minutes, I can pick the deals I want, quickly find the coupons I need and only clip them, and head to the store! This way I focus on the best deals (cheaper than any bulk or generic prices or free) and I don’t spend all that time scouring sale ads and inserts. I probably miss some deals, but I’m ok with that. This strategy works well with the file-an-insert system I use.

There are a few critical things to keep in mind when deciding your coupon strategy: I know I’ve already said this a few times, but make sure your main strategy for saving money is to focus on frugal cooking and shopping practices. Have a good familiarity with prices in general for the things you buy, or consult your price book before deciding to go for a deal. Make sure it’s worth the trip!

Finding helpful coupon blogs: Type in “coupon blog” and then your location (for example, NW, Oregon, Portland, or even the store). That will give you some good places. Here are the ones I use regularly:

  • My favorite: A Thrify Mom (I mostly look for Albertson’s deals, but great online or restaurant deals come up often too)
  • Frugal Living NW
  • Saving 4 My Family
  • Ask friends for more ideas! Many people use blogs to find deals and have favorites that cover certain stores or areas. Sometimes word of mouth is the best way to find them.

Next Coupon Post: Score your deals.

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