Easy Thanksgiving Craft/Activity Ideas for Preschoolers

Image Source: Calvary Kids Pages

I wrote about the pumpkin turkey crafts we did that were a big hit. You might want to beware of any 1 year olds you have running around. Samantha tore the head of the turkey that was supposed to represent her… and ate it. Kind of of disturbing!

Here are more last minute ideas I like for anyone who might be interested:

1. Give Thanks Poster: Write “Give Thanks” or find some free graphics online for Thanksgiving and glue/tape to the top of a large piece of bright paper. Let the kid take pictures of things they’re thankful for, print them, and glue/tape them to the poster. For Jaron I printed off a bunch of things for him to choose from and he let me know if anything was missing. Older kids can draw or write things they are thankful for. We’re putting this in Jaron’s room by his bed to help him during prayer time think of all the things he can thank God for.

2. Paint Turkeys: Take blank cards and some washable finger paint and let the kids make fingerprint turkeys on them (instructions at DLTK site). Write a message inside and send them off to friends/family. A followup bonus craft is to do a full hand print on a large colored paper. Draw the turkey features on the thumb and feet from the bottom of the palm. I wanted to do all this with Jaron, but he’s oddly opposed to finger paint lately. Sad. My 6 year old nephew got a kick out if it though, even though he said it was “kind of easy.”

3. Tell the Thanksgiving Story. We picked up some giant Abeka flash cards about the Thanksgiving story at a homeschool convention. I show them the pictures and summarize the story. They both really like it! You could use this Thanksgiving minibook or something similar instead (halfway down the page on the left, links to the different color options available). Then I print some Thanksgiving coloring sheets for them to work on while I tidy up.

4. Corn Activities (doing these next week):

  • Buy some corn on the cob and show the kids how to shuck and cook them, explaining all the different parts.
  • Buy some indian corn. Print out a corn coloring sheet. Let the kids color in the kernels using washable paint and pencil erasers or ear swabs. Later on, practice counting how many kernels of each color they painted.
  • Shave the kernels off a cob or use canned corn and allow them to count a certain number of kernels (whatever stretches them a bit). Let them pick them up and move them as they count from one dish to another with their fingers or tweezers.

5. Videos/Books:

  • Watch Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving. Watch it again later and talk about the different parts
  • Watch online videos about real turkeys, like this short National Geographic clip or this Discovery Chanel segment. Doesn’t hurt to run around the house together afterward making turkey noises and flapping your arms. 🙂
  • Think ahead (unlike me) and get some Thanksgiving books from the library. They’re all out now. It’s a good time to start picking up Christmas ones.

Here are some sites that have other great ideas:


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One Response to Easy Thanksgiving Craft/Activity Ideas for Preschoolers

  1. Annette says:

    Really looking forward to getting to do crafts w/ James, but I think he’s still in Samantha’s category this year. Crayons are considerably more attractive as potential snacks than tools of creativity. Unless you count the creativity of getting Mommy to constantly yank something out of your mouth!

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