Encouragement in the Form of Calories… Yum!

I wanted to share this great idea I found on iammommy. It’s easy and if I can do it you definitely can. To encourage others, the blog’s author started a giveaway of cookies that her readers could share with a friend going through tough times. I decided to copy the idea and try my hand at decorating cookies all fancy-like! πŸ™‚

The same lady does an incredible blog called iambaker. And she really is. And I’m totally not. However, she has this great recipe for sugar cookies and this one for frosting. I cut out a few large cookies and the rest small and baked them. Some sweet friends came over and helped me decorate (and eat). I made an outlining frosting (thicker) that we also used for the lettering, and a “filler” frosting (thinner). I’m sure there are technical terms for all that but like I said, iamnotbaker.

I had someone special in mind for these cookies who is going through a particularly rough time and needs some encouragement. I put her name on one of the big cookies and decorated the rest with words that describe her or pretty decorations. I also included a card with the gift that had all the “who you are in Christ” things I was incapable of putting on cookies.

I can’t wait to do more of these! Right now I’m itching to make a batch that is despair.com-esque for my wonderful and strange friend Dave. He’d love it. Probably black and white, with things like “ok”, “so-so”, “punctual”, “tolerable”,”sentient”, “literate”, and so forth. πŸ™‚ I need to practice my frosting lettering!

Some tips:
– If you mess up a cookie, eat it!
– Writing letters with frosting is hard. Use the smallest round tip you can find or wing it with toothpicks like we did. Wait long enough for the filler frosting to harden before writing, or the words just sink in.
– Β As long as you use the frosting in the recipe linked above, it hardens well and will stack just fine. We used some store-bought yellow glitter frosting on some cookies, so it was a bit messier than it could have been.
– If you can manage it, try doing the center letter first and working yourself right, then left. Otherwise you’ll be like me with tons of scrunchy, weird looking words. If you can’t read what you wrote on some, eat those cookies too.


About GirlDuck

I am a wife, mother, and homemaker who loves Jesus. I am married to an amazing man, Aaron, and I have three fantastic kids. I write this blog mostly to share information with others, record things for my own future reference, and pour out just a bit of my heart.
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