31 Days to Clean – Ways to Give Life to Your Home (Week 1, Day 3)

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<<<<<I am following the Homemaker’s Challenge with Joyful Mothering. It is a devotion by Sarah Mae called “31 Days to Clean: Having a Martha House the Mary Way.” I’m going to post my progress here. I have no grand ideas of keeping my posts up with the actual days of the devotion, and I’m also planning on taking weekends off. The idea is to get as much as I can out of this challenge and end well sometime in June. I highly recommend the ebook. You can download a sample or buy it on Amazon for $5. You can go through the devotion on your own anytime!>>>>>

Martha Challenge: I did some dusting and scrubbing. I also asked my husband what three things relating to running the household and keeping it up would bless him the most. I’ll update this post once I get an answer from him. 🙂

Mary Challenge: There were a few really great things that came out of my personal reflection for this day’s devotion.

1. Finding the right time for important things – We’ve been trying to find our weekly “groove” now for… ever. It is really hard to set aside regular times for the important things! Things such as personal quiet time with the Lord, time to ourselves, date nights and getaways, special family activities, family devotions and worship, time with friends and hospitality, time in our outside ministries. That’s a lot!

Things have slowly been falling into place. It’s far from complete and I’m sure it will change, but this is what we have come up with so far:

  • Sunday will be the Lord’s day and all our family activities will be focused on relationship with the Lord, the body of Christ, and service. Sunday night will probably be date night.
  • Monday is family day and we’ll try to do something special together each week. Monday night is time for us to have to ourselves or possibly go off separately to spend time with friends.
  • Tuesday through Saturday is our work week. Each morning will be personal quiet time, devotions and worship with the kids, and then school or whatever the day brings.

2. Addressing my attitude and how it influenced my home and family – Like I talked about last time, my words are an issue. I don’t spout of hateful words or anything, but sometimes I can be critical or simply not pour out the GOOD words that would help my family thrive.

I also have become more aware of how grumpiness, complaining, fatigue, and irritability really darkens my home and my family’s dynamics. My husband may be the head of our family, but I set the tone for the day. So I need to take good care of myself physically and emotionally and be very careful with the words I speak.

3. Creating an atmosphere that is positive – Playing good music, throwing open the shades, bringing in some flowers, setting out some snacks, being silly and having fun together. That’s what our home can be! The days that are like that are truly a joy for us all!


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I am a wife, mother, and homemaker who loves Jesus. I am married to an amazing man, Aaron, and I have three fantastic kids. I write this blog mostly to share information with others, record things for my own future reference, and pour out just a bit of my heart.
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