31 Days to Clean – Motivation and Overcoming Laziness (Day 7-9)

“… Lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God.”

– Ephesians 4:1 

God has called me to do the work I am doing right now. That is a good feeling – knowing that I’m following His path for me. But there are days where I feel lost in an ocean of to-do lists, wet wipes, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. In the midst of the craziness, it’s important for me to remember some key things:

  • God has called me to do important work for Him.
  • He equips me through His Word and His people, and gives me all I need for life and godliness.
  • The work I do for my home, for my family, and in service to the Lord has an immediate benefit AND an eternal impact.
  • Perhaps most importantly, He uses the work He has given me to shape my character, transform me, refine me, and bring me closer to Him, with the ultimate result of glorifying Him.
These are the things I’m trying to think about when I need to clean a spill, wipe a bottom, address a squabble, or wake up for a 3am nursing session. 🙂 

I’m also recognizing that there are a few habits I have that are most likely laziness. I put off the things I don’t want to do until it becomes urgent to do so and a point of stress. I focus on the reasons why something would be too hard or inconvenient to do instead of just getting off my bum and doing it. Tellingly, it’s a pet peeve of mine when people do that. I have bursts of energy and motivation, and of course there are seasons where we should cut ourselves some slack, but often the lack of orderliness, cleanliness, and peace in my home is a result of laziness, not extenuating circumstances.

The work I do to run my home and raise my children is the most important job I can imagine myself having, and the most fulfilling thing I have ever done in my life, but it’s hard! It requires diligence, planning and development, big-picture vision, management skills, self-discipline, multitasking skills, and possibly even bow-staff skills.

It requires a skill that I struggle to develop: finding the balance between rest and work, important and optional. I cannot afford to be lazy, and laziness is never as rewarding as my nature obviously assumes it will be. The devotion suggested something that I have embraced: confess my laziness, repent of it, and humbly seek the Lord for wisdom and a spirit of diligence.

About GirlDuck

I am a wife, mother, and homemaker who loves Jesus. I am married to an amazing man, Aaron, and I have three fantastic kids. I write this blog mostly to share information with others, record things for my own future reference, and pour out just a bit of my heart.
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