31 Days to Clean – Overwhelmed, Overextended, and TIRED! (Day 10-14)

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There are days when I’m about ready to run screaming from the house. I’m overwhelmed with what I need to do, or what I think I need to do, and I’m running on empty. And I get sick of hearing myself whine about it! There will always be days like that, I think, but there are things I can do to prevent them, and things I can do to cope when they happen anyway.

1. Simplify: Have less stuff to clean and organize, spend only 15-minutes cleaning something and then move on to something else, limit the number of things on my calendar.

2. Avoid Time-Suckers: Like… blogging. 🙂 Facebook, computer time, netflix/movie time, etc. Sure, it’s good occasional entertainment, but I am guilty of spending too much time on those things at the expense of my responsibilities or other activities that would be better uses of time. Like… exercise. 🙂

3. Stick to Routines: Whenever possible, stick to the daily and weekly routine. When I veer off course, the whole day is wacky. Limiting those occasions to when it is absolutely necessary is a good idea.

4. Stop Striving for Perfection and Enjoy Being “Good Enough”: Although you wouldn’t know it by looking at my house, I’m a perfectionist. I’m just not a very good one. But I am really good at beating myself up over not living up to my own high expectations. I need to lighten up and know that I am “good enough” – my worth is in Christ and not in my abilities as a housekeeper, wife, and mom. And He has chosen me for exactly what I am doing.

5. Fight Fatigue: I can get SOO tired and I know it’s not only because of the demands of my job. Much of it is my habits. It’s a big area of focus that I have been avoiding because I really LIKE staying up late! But changes in these areas would help me tremendously: getting to bed at a decent time, waking up the same time every day, getting some quiet time in before the family wakes up, eating better, and exercising.

This last one is the big one for me. So I’m going to start there, believing that the rest will fall into place!

About GirlDuck

I am a wife, mother, and homemaker who loves Jesus. I am married to an amazing man, Aaron, and I have three fantastic kids. I write this blog mostly to share information with others, record things for my own future reference, and pour out just a bit of my heart.
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5 Responses to 31 Days to Clean – Overwhelmed, Overextended, and TIRED! (Day 10-14)

  1. Annette says:

    If your perfectionism is like mine, it is probably self-defeating. As in, you can’t do it right, so you either don’t do it at all (and it’s like a little irritating buzz at the back of your mind or a sigh and a grimace every time you pass the site of your failure), or you do it completely half-heartedly… and pretty much the same!
    What I’ve found lately is that it’s very difficult for me to really relax in a messy room. (I mean “relax,” though, not “compute,” which is a different issue!) But on top of that, when one kid is crying and the other complaining, I find I have this crazy impulse to clean up all those things I’ve been stepping around or piling on all day Before I try and fix the kids. Clearly it’s all tied together in my brain somewhere and my subconscious believes that by controlling and correcting my environment somehow I will be better able to control and correct the kids…

  2. LaughingLady says:

    Oh my goodness, this post was like looking in a mirror!!! Are we related ~ like twins separated at birth maybe?! Seriously, this was a little uncanny. My post is completely different, but I identify almost perfectly with yours! Well, except for the night owl bit ~ I’m an early-riser. Whether I use the time before everyone else wakes up wisely or not, I need that time to feel like I’m on top of things for the rest of the day. If I wake up with them, I feel like I’m always one step behind; in reaction-mode all day long. I HATE that!

    So I go to bed a bit earlier so I can have at least 30-45 minutes of quiet to myself in the morning to read my Bible, start my daily praise & prayer journal entry, do a few pushups and crunches, and go over my to-do list for the day. (and check email and FB if there’s time!) At least, IDEALLY that’s how it looks. So often, the good things get sacrificed for more computer time. 😦 A habit I’m desperately trying to break.

    • GirlDuck says:

      I love it when I meet my twin sisters! 🙂 I think going to bed earlier so I can get up for that quiet time is the big thing I need to work on!

  3. Canadagirl says:

    I can TOTALLY relate to you what you said. I am just starting the 31 Days to Clean. I too really need to tell myself I am good enough and my house doesn’t make my worth. Thank you for encouraging in that area.


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