Wanna Look Like You Know How to Decorate a Cake?

i am mommy is one of my favorite blogs, as is her baking site, i am baker. I have mentioned her before as the inspiration for these cookies I tried a while back.

Well, my friends, I am about to introduce you to the best thing since boxed cake mix. THE Rose Cake! She provides a complete tutorial as well as links to a great buttercream frosting recipe (at bottom of post).

Go ahead – look at that cake. Does it not just make you HAPPY?

iambaker Rose Cake

So I decided to try it out since she kept insisting it was so easy to do. I volunteered to do a baby shower for a friend of mine and make the Rose Cake.

Here’s the finished product! I admit, I used boxed funfetti. I was so anxious about decorating the cake that I didn’t want to worry about baking it in the first place. Plus, whoever invented funfetti is some kind of culinary genius.

I also made cupcakes.

Here’s several things to note about making THE Rose Cake:

It’s really fun to make! Big clouds of frosting everywhere, swirly piping motions, great flourishes of food coloring spray, if you so desire…


It’s really a forgiving way to decorate a cake.

Did you neglect to read the directions on the box and instead pour ALL the batter into one round pan, thus creating a warped dome funfetti monster? It’s ok, I did that too! Just make the roses bigger where needed and it will look right in no time.

Are all the roses different sizes? Did you just swirl in from the outside instead of doing it like she said? Did you accidentally stick your finger in a few spots? Does it look really sloppy compared to i am baker’s pictures?

Do not worry one bit – no one will know, and it will still look awesome. Trust me. They’ll be like “wow – you’re really good at decorating cakes!” and you’ll be like “I know, right?”

A few tips:

1. Follow the directions. Unless you’re like me and are physically incapable of doing what you’re supposed to, in which case, go ahead and wing it.

2. Decorate the night before and refrigerate. Just make sure it’s out for a few hours before the event so it’s warmed up and creamy again.

3. Go out and buy that 1M tip if you don’t have it instead of trying to make due with a smaller one. It’s just right for the job and is SO FUN to use!

4. Do not waste frosting, but… When you’re done decorating your cake, and you realize you have a whole bag full of delicious buttercream frosting left, do yourself a favor: do not start randomly adding to the cake! It will not end well. Instead, just swirl a rose on your kid’s hand, on the toast, in your mouth, in your coffee…

Because it is SO FUN!


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I am a wife, mother, and homemaker who loves Jesus. I am married to an amazing man, Aaron, and I have three fantastic kids. I write this blog mostly to share information with others, record things for my own future reference, and pour out just a bit of my heart.
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