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Wanna Look Like You Know How to Decorate a Cake?

i am mommy is one of my favorite blogs, as is her baking site, i am baker. I have mentioned her before as the inspiration for these cookies I tried a while back. Well, my friends, I am about to … Continue reading

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Encouragement in the Form of Calories… Yum!

I wanted to share this great idea I found on iammommy. It’s easy and if I can do it you definitely can. To encourage others, the blog’s author started a giveaway of cookies that her readers could share with a … Continue reading

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12 New Things – 2. Homemade Pasta

Finally got around to making homemade pasta for my 12 New Things challenge. I’d been putting it off – it was so intimidating! Of course, it ended up being pretty easy, especially with the gadgets I had available. I made … Continue reading

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I made my kids drink spinach… and they liked it

I’ve heard of green smoothies, but never looked into them much. Then a friend of mine recently posted about her experiment with adding spinach to smoothies and I was encouraged to try. Check out her recipe. For our own experiment, … Continue reading

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Oh Wheat Tortillas, How I Love Thee..

Whole Wheat Flax Tortillas I love mexican food. I’ll use/eat flour tortillas for some things like enchiladas, but for most everything else I want more flavor. The store-bought wheat tortillas can be a little blah too, but the whole wheat, … Continue reading

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Really Good Homemade Granola Bars

A friend of mine posted a recipe for some peanut butter granola bars at her blog Inner Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mommy. It doesn’t use flour, butter, or refined white sugar! I made some yesterday and followed the … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato or Butternut Squash Fries

Oh my, these are SO good. I originally made them last year trying to come up with some healthy snacks for my kids and ended up eating nearly the whole pan by myself. They’re easy, healthy, frugal, and take advantage … Continue reading

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