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Preschool Homeschool – 7 Things to Consider

We’ve just started, but I’ve learned a few good things already. The biggest thing is to pray about it! God can give you guidance and direction on what, when, and how to teach your kids right now! Spend real time … Continue reading

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Homeschool Preschool – What We’re Doing Right Now

I mentioned in the last post that we’ve started preschool at our house and talked about the most important things we want to teach at this time. Here’s how we’re doing that for now: Our Schedule – Ha! It’s all … Continue reading

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Starting Preschool at Our House

I’ve done “preschool” stuff with Jaron off and on for a while. Most of it was for the sake of experimentation – just kind of getting my feet wet and doing something fun together. But we didn’t get into anything … Continue reading

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Beginnings of a Homeschooling Journey

I’m going to be posting a bunch of homeschooling resources I’ve found and what we’re doing right now for anyone who might find it useful. But for now, a brain dump about homechooling… Our children are still very young – … Continue reading

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Easy Thanksgiving Craft/Activity Ideas for Preschoolers

I wrote about the pumpkin turkey crafts we did that were a big hit. You might want to beware of any 1 year olds you have running around. Samantha tore the head of the turkey that was supposed to represent … Continue reading

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Memorizing scripture and helping our kids do the same

Source: Part of our vision for our family is that we really live by the Word of God. Memorizing it and really knowing it. We will work hard during these early years to train our children through discipline and … Continue reading

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Family discipleship starts at the beginning

We learned SO much at the OCEANetwork conference this weekend. None of the concepts we learned were completely new or revolutionary for us, but there were certain things that adjusted our view of what it will mean to be a … Continue reading

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