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Advent Calendar / Banner / Garland

I’ve wanted to make an advent calendar since last holiday season, but only now have found the time and motivation. Ideas for Types of Calendars. I love all the different types. The little wooden ones with doors, the paper ones, … Continue reading

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So, About the Amazon Thing…

I was horrified when I found out that Amazon was selling books that instructed pedophiles on how to go about their sick and criminal activities. Horrified. I was outraged when I found out that Amazon defended that decision as an … Continue reading

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Good Reads – November 2010

Links to some blog reads I’ve enjoyed lately: Homemade Cocoa Mix (Home Joys) Advent Calendar Roundup (Ohdeeoh) Advent Activities – Make the Days Count! (Simple Kids) Teaching the Art of Sharing (Simple Kids) No Sew, No Knit Homemade Gift Ideas … Continue reading

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Easy Thanksgiving Craft/Activity Ideas for Preschoolers

I wrote about the pumpkin turkey crafts we did that were a big hit. You might want to beware of any 1 year olds you have running around. Samantha tore the head of the turkey that was supposed to represent … Continue reading

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A Giant Seed

  (My hair and outfit: Wow. Seriously. Wow. At least I didn’t have to post my “she-mullet” look. ;)) About three or four years ago (as usual, I can’t remember exactly), I started the personal tradition of writing a letter … Continue reading

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Our First Crack at Positive Rewards and Chore Charts

We’ve been dealing with some issues lately that we finally figured out how to handle in a way that works for us and is manageable. ¬†Of course, we’ve been doing this only for about a week. Here were the things … Continue reading

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How We’re Doing

Life has slowed down. WAY down! It’s a good thing, people. Jaron is almost 3 and going through a new development and discipline phase. Why am I always caught off guard when that happens? I know why – because my … Continue reading

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